Exam Results Day 2017

GCSE and A Level Results Day 


Across the whole of England, Wales and Northern Ireland hundreds of thousands of teenagers will be waiting anxiously for the results of their GCSES or A Level results, many worrying unnecessarily but I am sure we can all remember the panic and sense of anticipations as the days draw shorter towards results day.

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What Does the 2017 General Election Mean for Teachers?

Prime Minister Theresa May last week announced that there will be a general election on June 8th. Despite previously claiming that a snap election would not be considered.

Many are speculating that the general election will once again be dominated by BREXIT. However opposition parties are keen to use the build up to this general election to remind residents of the UK about other important issues. Namely the NHS and Education. Continue reading

SEN Teachers & SEN Teaching Assistants

Looking for special education needs (SEN) jobs in Cheshire, Merseyside, or across the North West?

Exclusive Education has long established relationships with a number of Special Schools across the North West, being the agency of choice for many of these schools. We have great links with schools in Merseyside, Cheshire, Greater Manchester and all surrounding areas. We are constantly placing teachers, supply teachers, cover supervisors in jobs in great schools for short and long term education jobs. Continue reading