Cover Supervisor

Cover Supervisor NEEDED!!!

Are you looking to gain experience within a secondary school to support your PGCE application or get more experience working within education?


We are crying out for Cover Supervisors in the Cheshire areas as we currently don’t have enough people available for the opportunities that we have. Cover Supervisors are needed on an ongoing basis to manage a classroom of pupils while enabling a constructive learning environment. Applicants are expected to have at least 6 months experience of working with children in the past 2 years, formal qualifications are not necessary.


Applicants who have experience teaching sports clubs to children, attended Camp America or Active Soccer or have other similar experiences will be suitable for the role.


In the role you will be expected to;

  • Provide the pupils with work already set by the Teacher
  • Collect work after each lesson
  • Provide feedback where appropriate
  • Manage Behaviour within the classroom

Working as a Cover Supervisor is an ideal way of building on past school experience for those looking to gain a career in the education sector or go on to complete Teacher Training.


Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity, Please send in your CV and one of the team will call you!!!