Exam Results Day 2017

GCSE and A Level Results Day 


Across the whole of England, Wales and Northern Ireland hundreds of thousands of teenagers will be waiting anxiously for the results of their GCSES or A Level results, many worrying unnecessarily but I am sure we can all remember the panic and sense of anticipations as the days draw shorter towards results day.

When are the academic results days?  


Both GCSE and A Level results are issued on different days, GCSE results day is on 24th August this year and the results can either be picked up from School or they can be posted out to the students home address. A Level results day is on 17th August 2017 and these results are also issued either at school or can be posted out


Whats Next For The Students?


Both results days are equally important to each student and if they have managed to achieve the desired results then they can pretty much choose which way they would like to go but there are always other avenues they can look into if they did not receive the results they expected.


For GCSE results students each college will have a different criteria for each course so they may not have the the desired grade for one 6 form or collage but it might meet another so its worth looking at different collages grade requirements. If  they need to re sit an exam this can be done, the re sits are taking in November and this can be discussed with the School.


For A Level results there are a few options that can be considered:


* If you think your grade is incorrect:
You can submit your pagers to me remarked again, this must be done by the 24th August 2017. Please remember that this could mean that the paper may be marked down as well as up and if the grade stays the same you will be charged for this service.
* If your grades are worse than expected:
UCAS has a service called clearing which is where universities offers the places they still have available also each Uni as different course requirements so its worth looking into this as you could do the course that you wanted but at a different Uni


If you are certain you want a particular Uni, you could always ring the admissions office directly as they may be able to help you.


What Does Results Day Mean For Schools


Once all the results are out each Schools stats will go up or down dependent on the results achieved by the students. There has been a new grading system for GCSES put in place which can be found here on the AQA website http://www.aqa.org.uk/about-us/what-we-do/policy/gcse-and-a-level-changes/9-1


What Does Results Day Mean For Teachers


Results day is an anxious experience for teachers too, they have built up good relationships with there students and want them to do well and many can feel a sense of guilt if there students dont achieve what was expected. Regardless of the new performance related pay scheme that is now in place that is not what teachers really care about. They want wholeheartedly to see all of there students succeed.


Exclusive Education would like to wish all students and teachers the best of luck after all of your hard work on each results day. Lets hope the next academice year is better than ever.


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