Our Top 3 Education Blogs of 2016

One of the best experiences of being a teacher is hearing other teacher’s experiences, good or bad, and learning a great deal from then. That’s why we love teaching blogs. With that, we’re very excited to announce our top 3 education blogs of 2016.

  1. 101 Great Teachers to Follow on Twitter

If you’re anything like us and you love Twitter, you’ll love this list of amazing teachers to follow.

  1. Top Tips to Keep Teachers Safe Online

The safety of teachers isn’t a topic often talked about and with students using social media at younger ages, its crucial teachers know how to keep themselves and other teachers safe online.

  1. 7 Traits of Effective Teachers

A great read for teachers new, experienced or anything in between. One of the greatest things about working as a teacher in the constant ability to improve and learn.

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